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Fájdalom a herában az erekció során

Az emberik immunrendszer működése függ a napszak idejétől Az eredeti cikk fordítását elküldöm a VIP előfizetőknek How well your immune system works can depend on the time of day When microorganisms — such as bacteria or viruses — infect us, our immune system jumps into action.

fájdalom a herában az erekció során

But research spanning over half a century now shows our bodies actually respond differently at day and night. The reason for this is our body clock, and the fact that each cell in the body, including our immune cells, can tell what time of day it is.

Our body clock has evolved over millions of years to help us survive. Every cell in the body has a collection of proteins that indicate the time depending on their levels.

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Our body clock does this by generating 24 hour rhythms also termed circadian rhythms in how cells function. Our immune system is composed of many different types of immune cells that are continually patrolling the body looking for evidence of infection or damage.

fájdalom a herában az erekció során

But it is our body clock that determines where those cells are located at particular times of the day. Broadly speaking, our immune cells migrate into tissues during the day and then circulate around the body at night. This circadian rhythm of immune cells may have evolved so that immune cells are directly located in tissues at a time when we are more likely to be infected, primed for attack.

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At night, our immune cells circulate around the body and stop off at our lymph nodes. Here, they build up memory of what was encountered during the day — including any infections. This ensures they can respond better to the infection the next time they encounter it. The exact timing is likely to differ depending on the virus in question.

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Other research has also shown that the time we take our medicines can affect how well they work — but again, this depends on the drug in question. For example, since we make cholesterol when we sleep, taking a short-acting statin a cholesterol-lowering drug just before bedtime provides the most benefit.

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For example, a randomised trial of over adults aged 65 and older showed having the influenza vaccine in the morning between 9am and 11am resulted in a greater antibody response compared to those vaccinated in the afternoon between 3pm and 5pm.

More recently, people in the mid-twenties who were immunised with the BCG tuberculosis vaccine between 8am and 9am had an enhanced immune response compared to those vaccinated between noon and 1pm.

fájdalom a herában az erekció során

One reason for seeing improved immune response to vaccines in the morning may be due to the way our body clock controls sleep. In fact, studies have found that sufficient sleep after vaccination for hepatitis Fájdalom a herában az erekció során improves the immune response by increasing the number of vaccine-specific immune cells which provide long term immunity compared to those who had restricted sleep following vaccination.

Of course this raises the question of how this might all relate to the current pandemic and worldwide vaccination programmes. In fact, there are higher levels of this receptor on the cells which line our airways at distinct times of day.

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